Family Therapy in Burnaby

Family Therapy in Burnaby is a counseling service that will focus mainly on the relationships between each member of your immediate family. This form of therapy can either be your main treatment plan or it can be used to supplement another treatment. Let’s talk about how this service can be beneficial for you as an individual as well as for your family.

How Does Family Therapy in Burnaby Work?

When you approach us for family therapy in Burnaby, we will observe your family as a group as opposed to trying to evaluate each member individually. At Next Level Counseling, we understand that each member of a family has value and should be respected. We analyze the dynamics of your family and how each member fits in. 


Once this is done, we will identify the patterns that have been created and that feed the issues your family has. We will then help you to formulate your feelings and expectations in a constructive and respectful way. Our family therapy in Burnaby helps a lot of families each year to reconnect and to feel close again.

What does family therapy in Burnaby do?

When you sign up for family therapy with us, it is because you have noticed a problem in your family relationship. The goal at Next Level Counselling is to find the root of that problem and to address it in order to restore your relationship. There are a lot of reasons why a family might have some issues and turn to a professional counsellor is the right first step. Let’s work together to bring back your family’s relationship.


The Main Goals

The main goal of family therapy in Burnaby is to work on improving the communication within your family unit. Once we have a clear and respectful way of communicating, we can start trying to solve problems, to create a healthier environment for your home and to handle any special situation your family might be living with. 

Why Should You Go TO Family Therapy?

There is not a bad reason to come to family therapy in Burnaby. Here we will talk about the most common reasons but you must know that each reason is valid. It is also a possibility then what you thought was a small problem is in fact bigger than it seemed. Here is a list including some of the most frequent reasons why people are visiting a counsellor for their family: 


  • Problems of Marital Nature 

  • Conflicts Between Parent And Children 

  • Problems With Siblings

  • Illness in the family unit

  • Inconsistent parenting skills

  • Psychoeducation for family members about an index patient's illness

  • Learning to express your emotions.

Why Choose Next Level Therapy?

At Next Level Therapy, we have the experience and the training to provide family therapy in Burnaby. We know that each family is different and we take the time to understand how we can help you. We offer a personalized approach to your problems to ensure the best results. Let us know if you have any questions or if you want to book an appointment by contacting us today!