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Online Counselling Versus In-Person – What is Right for You?

Updated: Feb 21

Online Counselling

With the way the world has been turning in the past couple of years, you might not be surprised to more commonly hear that the idea of online counselling. This service is becoming increasingly popular as people are finding ways to live their lives and do the things they need to do without leaving their homes.

Online Counselling

Benefits of Online Counselling

There is a variety of benefits people may see from engaging in online counselling. First of all, there is the idea of not having to experience any type of real contact with another person. Whether you believe you might be sick and don’t want to spread anything, or you’re wanting to simply take preventative measures toward not getting sick at all.


Many people have said to have been more comfortable doing an online counselling session than an in-person one. Even though therapists are comforting and non-judgmental people, sometimes opening up to someone face-to-face is difficult for people. On the other hand, online counselling puts a screen between the two parties, ultimately allowing the client to possibly feel more comfortable sharing more thoughts, ultimately leading to an increased result.

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As our lives become sprinkled with more and more going on, we thrive for any small conveniences we can get. Online counselling is one way to turn in-person counselling into something much more convenient. Once the level of convenience rises, many people are more inclined to follow through with things they know they have to or should be doing.

In addition to convenience, many people are going to have a higher rate of following through with sessions. Because in therapy, one session is usually not sufficient enough to make a large impact on one’s life. When convenience is added into the picture, people are more willing and able to do things they need to.


Although in-person counselling services are usually very confidential, some might see online counselling as even more confidential. You should never be ashamed or embarrassed by going to counselling, but we know that some people are, and we understand that. When you decide to do online counselling instead of in-person, you won’t have to worry about someone spotting your car outside, or running into someone you would rather not.


Many studies have shown the effectiveness of online counselling is just as much, if not more effective than in-person counselling sessions. Depending on the individual, because everyone’s different, but many people do not see online therapy sessions to be ineffective. They actually see quite the opposite. So you are able to get the help you need with the added benefits.

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Looking for Online Counselling?

If you’re searching for online counselling, give Next Level Counselling a call today. We can provide you with the support you need with the added convenience of online counselling. If you’ve been putting off counselling because of Covid-19 or other reasons, look no more. Give us a call or visit our website and book your appointment today.

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