Virtual Therapy 

Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy




Clients who live in rural and remote areas may not have time to take long drives to an office in a City like Burnaby, Surrey, or Vancouver, And let’s not forget gas prices! Telehealth or Virtual Counselling means one only needs good internet, and a couch or chair.

Your Best Fit


You’re not limited to seeing therapists who live closest to you, instead, you are focusing on which therapist has the best fit for you. This means you can choose from a wide range of licensed therapists with different areas of expertise, including trauma, grief, loss, cross-cultural issues, addiction, or work life.

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Online therapy can offer you more privacy than in-person sessions. For example, if the video makes you uncomfortable, you can chat live with an online therapist over a phone call. Seeing a licensed therapist online also means you’ll never have to worry about accidentally running into someone you know at your therapist’s office.


 Mobility is often an underrated issue when it comes to accessing care for mental health. Online sessions make therapy far more accessible for people who are disabled or housebound.